Meet Eric. I will let his poetry speak for itself. Please go check out his page for more word-stealing epicness like this. Plus, he’s just an awesome guy. ❤

My Sword and Shield....


let me be
your mountain
and you shall be the
snow upon my weathered face
against my chest
lean your tired shoulders
let your hair
be a silk blanket
to cover my heart
I’ll curl my arm
around your ribs
snuggle my forearm
under your breasts
I am your poet
and you, my patron
your shoulder will
be my page
and I will write for you
a story with my lips
of how your beauty
stills my heart
but you shall know the
tale to be fiction
for you will feel
against your back
a thunder within my chest
which sends
a crimson storm
which floods capillaries
which makes flesh rigid and
gently slide to find
throbbing heat
within the curves
softly pressed against
stomach and thighs
teeth on a tender neck
draw whispered words
but I shall put your lexicon to rest
and send fingers
to silence your velvet…

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