The Thing About Me…

Good morning. Sick Em here. Yeah, definitely the flu. Sucks. I missed the bachelorette party last night and the manicure/pedicure thing the girls are doing this morning. I’m hoping I can actually make her wedding tomorrow…sigh.  It is what it is, and it is what it will be. That’s life.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep producing here when my flu-brain allows a clear thought or two. But, it has been on my mind lately that as followers increase, and I learn how to manage all that comes with it, that I am trying to get to know as many of you as possible, and that is a big task. And I’m only at about 200 followers in my three months here so far…I don’t know how those with hundreds or thousands do it. Maybe they can’t. Maybe I won’t be able to, either.

The thing about me, I like to know people. I want to ask names, I want to know where you’re from. And I want to remember a small detail, as much as I can. I’m hanging in there, but, I decided I’m going to try and spreadsheet out this info as an experiment.  We shall see if I can maintain it, absolutely zero promises.

But I have a thing for connection. For connecting with anyone who crosses my path, in some way shape or form, however small. That connection varies, and clearly it can’t be even across the board, for I am only one human, and each connection is different. As I’ve said before, I dream of being a travel photojournalist someday (in my next life, perhaps?) and I find humanity endlessly fascinating, people, their stories, their cities. All of it. And WordPress is a microcosm of that experience.

At the very least, names and locations.  In my yoga and cycle classes that I have taught for so many years, I always make the effort to remember a name. It usually takes me a few rounds, but then I’ll get it.  In fact, there are times when I’ve named an entire class of cycle members on a random weekday. 30 people who I don’t see every day, who I can never predict when will walk through the door. That kind of blew people away when I went through and named them all, on more than one occasion. They actually applauded.

So I’m going to try and jot some of this down in maybe some vain attempt at remembering everyone who has said hello and introduced themselves. But, don’t expect perfection. 🙂

If you haven’t said hi, but want me to know your name and location, please go ahead and leave it here. I love knowing where you all are on this pale blue dot.

I didn’t come here expecting to “meet” anyone, and so boy was I in for a shock when I got slammed by love and friendship. Thanks for that. Truly.  I’m trying to return the favor as best as I can.  I really, swear to goodness, just wanted a place to store my poetry. Ha. Joke’s on me.

The other thing about me, is that I am a communicator. I try to reply to everything as best as I know how, as timely as possible. I believe in answering honestly when someone asks me “How are you?” Don’t ask if you don’t want the truth.  And when I ask the same, I want nothing but the truth. Give me your worst along with your best. It’s the only way to live wholeheartedly, bravely, vulnerably with true connection.  Or not, you don’t have to…that’s okay, too.

I’m Emily, but you can call me Em. I live in Seattle, Pacific Standard Time. Keep that in mind when waiting to hear from me. 🙂

Nice to meet you.





66 thoughts on “The Thing About Me…

  1. I send many hug, hope you get better soon. Well as you know my name is…. call me M lol. I was located in Denver Co. but for reasons out of my control i had to move to Mexico and let me tell you is nothing to what the news picture it. It is a beautiful place full with a lot of mysterious things, which is great. Anyway, get better. love you.

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    1. Ah, Mexico! Wonderful. I’ve only been once, to Mazatlan. Yes, I hear good, and bad things, but there is good and bad everywhere one goes. And, thank you! Sending love back. 🙂

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  2. Oh man, so sorry you’re sick and that you’re missing fun with your girls. That sucks. Hope you get to the wedding tomorrow! We’re going to a wedding too, the hubs is a groomsman. I’m from the Philadelphia suburbs- Bucks County, PA. You maybe knew that already… 😃

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    1. Thanks, Meg. Yeah…life has a way of not caring what your plans are sometimes! Ha. I’ll probably pull it together for the ceremony (and the food, let’s be honest), and go home promptly and collapse. 🙂 Yes, I remembered Philly, but putting it in my spreadsheet now. 😉 Seriously, I am.

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      1. Yeah, me, too. It’s a good thing she knew I wasn’t doing well, so I didn’t get pinned with any responsibilities. 🙂 Ah, Ohio! Awesome. Never been!

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      1. You will have to come this way and I will have to get out there- but not at the same time or we will miss each other! 😀

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  3. Sorry to hear that you’re sick… And at totally the wrong time. (Is there ever a right time?) I am Sandra (obviously) and I blog anonymously for the most part… but I will say I’m in the U.S. on the east coast. (Yes, it’s after 2:30am!)

    Hope you feel better soon!

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    1. Hi Sandra! Good to hear from you! Yeah, never a good time to be sick. But extra lame when a bestie is getting married! An east coaster! Up late! 🙂 Thank you…I’m trying every remedy I know, fingers crossed tomorrow is better, better enough anyway! ❤

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      1. Yeah, rain, here until Monday. 🙂 Bad news for my friend’s wedding tomorrow. But, I guess they say rain is good luck on your wedding day. Not yet, I’m moving through the flu phases…probably about half way through the flu. Started last Sunday, mildly, then kicked me in the ass yesterday/today. Not much I can do but curl up and bear it out. Thanks for the ❤

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  4. Hi Em ! Hope you’re feeling much better by the time you’ve read this. It’s me Advaita from Mumbai, India. And we are almost 12 hours apart so mostly it’s night time there when it’s daytime here, yet you always respond ever so quickly. I’m always touched and amazed by your poetry, your voice and singing too ! You can call me just “A” or “Addy” and I’m totally okay with that, it’s the thought that counts and seeing that you take so much effort, I’m happy that you consider me a friend. I’m going to end this comment with three cheers just for you Em. Cheers, cheers, cheers !!! 🙂

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  5. Hi Em, sorry you are battling the flu…that puts a real cloud over everything and especially the workouts! 🙂 I live in the South but travel all over the country and quite a bit out west to S.F. Nice to meet you and hope you are feeling better soon. I enjoy interactions and commenting. Just so know (so you don’t feel like I’m disengaged), I can only comment on a few posts by a writer per week. Being a writer too (as most of us are), I need time to create as well. Managing followers it tough. We can easily spend our time reading everyone else’s works leaving us no time to create and write. Good luck finding your posting tempo and how much you can engage with others. 🙂

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    1. Yup, it’s impossible to keep up with it all. I totally get it! 🙂 Yeah, the flu sucks. And as a personal trainer/athlete, and yoga instructor, it’s extra crappy. How did you know that I work out? 🙂 Yes, space is important for creating, and finding that balance of interaction and space is the tricky part. I’ll figure it out. Pleasure to meet you! ❤

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      1. Well, just from your gravatar image…you look fit (and sexy I should add). 🙂 You also mentioned spin class and students in your post… 😉 I enjoy fitness as well. Did an Ironman a few years ago but don’t train to that level as a lifestyle.

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      2. Well, thanks! Flattered. 🙂 Yes, I did mention fitness, didn’t I? Sorry, big time flu brain right now. Congrats on your Ironman! That is the top of my list of goals. Injury keeps getting in my way. I got to see the Kona Ironman World Championship live in HI a couple years ago!! SO fucking awesome, high-fiving the athletes right before they collapsed at the finish. Never experienced anything like it before. 🙂

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      3. Thanks Em, completing an Ironman was a special milestone and memory 🙂 I didn’t do Kona but that must have been a blast to watch in person! I even like watching that one on TV. Hope you are able to check this off your bucket list in the not-to-distant future. 🙂

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  6. Sam from Louisiana (I prefer not to give exact location) incase you forgot ;p and you sure had me fooled I can’t believe you have only been on word press for a few months?! Your following seems bigger than that! I have not yet reached 200 but I’m getting close and I’ve been on here for going on three years! I skipped a year though so my first year i gained the majority of my following

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    1. Hi Sam! Thank you! I am only learning my way through WP so I don’t know all the variables, but I’m sure part of it is just that I post a lot. I have no idea where this will go! I’m just trying to absorb it all. 😊🙏🏼 And thanks for your support! I look forward to seeing yours grow, too.

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