Alice in Manhattan


She swirled her snow globe upside down
watched the snow glittering around
the city inside, the shrunken metropolis
imaginary people unseen amongst sparkles

She had walked those streets not long ago
a girl in Manhattan strolling distances alone
concrete jungle of hopes and dreams
of fiery personas buzzing likes bees

Alice in Wonderland with rainbow hair
palpitating heart worn on her sleeve with flair
wondering eyes, wandering soul
she left part of it there
for later retrieval


~ by Emily C.




26 thoughts on “Alice in Manhattan

    1. Thanks! I was just in NYC for the first time ever a couple weeks ago. I came home with plenty of inspiration. If you have time sometime, check out my journal entries I kept while there. You can find them in my categories drop down box on the right side of page. Pictures, and NY poems, too. 😊

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