The Shortest Poem


If you watch anything this week, watch this video on the power of words, poems, short poems. It’s truly worth the 8 minutes!! And the following quote by Pessoa is mentioned in this video and it truly hit me hard in the right way, being that I’ve only just started resurrecting my poetic side this last few months and nurturing it here in your presence, friendship, and support.


“Direct experience is an evasion or hiding place,

for those without any imagination.

The worth of things depends on their interpretation.

To narrate is to create, while to live is merely to be lived.”

~ Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935), The Book Of Disquiet




28 thoughts on “The Shortest Poem

      1. No, it’s only 8am here, Addy, and I’m only just waking up. 😉 I woke up briefly earlier (way too early here) and liked some comments but not ready to reply until I’m truly awake. And I really shouldn’t do any WP before 8am or I’ll never get decent sleep. So it’s nothing personal! 🙏🏼😉💜 I just need to set some personal rules or I’d be on this thing 24 hours a day! Haha.

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