On Me Days

Yesterday, I crawled my flu-weakened corpse out for a long overdue haircut, some actual vitamin D on my face, and a day to myself for lunch and dessert.

While I was having my haircut, it came up that I write poetry. My hair stylist was excited by this and asked me to read some to her.  So…as she snipped, cut, blow dried and styled me, I was reading her my poetry.  My first public performance one might say.  She loved them all and had me leave my info with her so she could find me.

I have to say, it made the haircut go by quickly, and I also didn’t have to think about small talk, bonus.

Lunch was just what I needed, and of course dessert even more so.

I promptly came home and collapsed…then sunk my heart into my harmonium. My favorite form of therapy these days.

Here’s what she did to my hair. I’ll be refreshing my rainbow today, but the soft pastels I like as well…and yet again, couldn’t walk far without people commenting yesterday, one woman saying, “I thought the sun was causing the light in your hair, but no, you actually have a rainbow!”

At this point, I may have to maintain a rainbow indefinitely, for the joy it brings me, and others.

27 thoughts on “On Me Days

  1. I love your hair. Did she lighten it or did I just not realize it was so light? Your lunch and dessert look delicious, too! Sounds like a great day! And I need that red bell. If I ring it, is there some sort of guarantee it comes with? 😛

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    1. Hehe, I think that it’s a great idea. I think I’d feel obliged to respond to a bell…in a weird way! Like Pavlov’s dogs!

      And no, no lightening…just a cut. And lunch was so ridiculous I told the bartender to kiss the chef for me…but there were like 15 of them so that could be interesting, and make a great erotic poem now that I think about it! Speaking of poems….

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      1. ha ha, yes!! I’d be willing to be a test subject for that experience! 😉
        Oh, your hair is lighter than I thought. I thought it was dark brown. Mmm, chef orgy!! 😀

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      2. Oh yay! I try to think of one every time I see your request but apparently my brain doesn’t like the pressure. 😛

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    1. Thanks, sweetheart. You are handsome yourself! It’s going to be 90 degrees in Seattle tomorrow! And my shorter hair feels light. The rainbow gets a new dose of color tomorrow probably. Where’s your rainbow? 😘🌹

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