his solemn friend
his home
the only place of existence
he wanted to know
the darkened space
where he can face
nothing but himself
away from noise
from pretentious ploys
of social butterflies
suffocating serenity
the voices
paining ears
fraying nerves
sending skin crawling
like spider legs
desperate for relief
restless for respite
away in lonely peace

to be alone

with his own mind
no one to judge him
no one to care
no one to love

shrouded soul
in black
shied away
from life
for to live
meant to know

all that’s lost

as he slowly


~ Emily Clapper




Poem topic request: “Introversion” by Paul. Thanks, Paul! It’s dark, but I hope you like it.

Check out Paul’s page for his great work!


28 thoughts on “Shroud

  1. We seem to all track each other’s spirits from time to time. I was just writing about noise. I’m probably the only one, Em who doesn’t find this dark at all. Rather lovely to me – being a soul that needs solitude.

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  2. The first stanza is totally me sometimes. I need solitude and quiet to be ok. In my house of boys that requires conscious planning for my sanity. πŸ™‚

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  3. I’m a new follower, haven’t taken the chance to really check out your blog until now. I am absolutely in love with this though. The style is attention grabbing. I love it!

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      1. I will! Mostly excited to find others with a style similar to mine. I’m still trying to build a following on here it’s slow going but not giving up I love what I do. My name is Sam (female).

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  4. Dark or not, I think these feelings are relatable to many. I know there are many times that I wish for the serenity that comes from solitude. But, then again, I’m an introvert. Lol

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