I suffer
screaming inside
nowhere to run to
time has moved on
while I’m soul stuck
in this place on repeat
dying to evade, escape
run away completely
cut the chafing cords
free the sore soul
pack the bags
to a new home
start again
wholly me
stripped of past
bare-skinned soul
heart remodeled, healed
resurrected from near death
saw the light, walked inside
was told it wasn’t yet my time
rejected from heaven high
gates to hell were locked
sent back to earthly lot
so out my door I go
tracing starlight
to find me
to find

~ EC




31 thoughts on “Escape

      1. It’s so easy to do. I have to say though, I’ve watched much less since joining WP and pouring my energy here! But, Kimmy will have you cracking up, it just gets more funny in season two. I can’t wait for the 3rd. I’ve yet to watch Homeland, but will at some point. And popcorn is always involved for me…garlic truffle butter.

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      1. P.S Got that new poem I told you awhile back. When you read it, use the google translator, set it to English. Some of the news you might know and some you won’t. Don’t try to look it those words up because they don’t exist and I created them. 🙂

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  1. I am reading your posts Em, and for the time i have been here so far. I feel like i am totally in a different place. Another planet you can say, Planet Em. And i am loving every second of my stay! Thanks to this blessed talent and gift you have, Your blog is heaven like my dear! Not many other bloggers out there can derive this impression to their readers with their work. – Cezane

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