Epochs of Us ~ A Duet

Though epochs
Have passed by
And a very different hand
Touches a very different face
I remember the first face of yours I ever saw
Eyes painted blue like the sky
Lips of ruby pomegranate
Skin alive with dust from
The Valley of the Kings
Where the black around your eyes
Traced down your cheek
In grief for Pharaoh’s passing

In medieval days, I waited
watched through cracked castle gates
for your imminent arrival, on horse high
your strength visible in battered flesh
as I removed your chain mail, adhered,
tended to your wounds from combat
bathed your heated body with gentle hand
soothed your moans with kisses grand
fed you feasts of bounty of me
and longingly awaited your presence
in our bed chambers, my nocturnal nudity
preserved on velvet for your pleasure divine

and such soft skin
mixed with grit and dust
my six-guns barely cool
but never so hot
as your thighs of molten iron
clamped around my waist
the bag of money
that we “borrowed” from that stage coach
the only witness to our
hungry desire
by campfire light
and our voices mixing
with the Coyotes
as they serenade a full prairie moon

roaring twenties speakeasies
tasseled flapper dress slipped off – hot clubs’
private rooms, jazzman – your blare of trumpet
tickled my skin, talented tongue
traced spilled champagne down my spine
licked glitter from head to tail,
ringing in the new year, bearcat-style
Charleston foreplay, private swing dance finale
pass me that moonshine, run from coppers
until we collapsed in the field
with a roar under stars…
they giggled at our spifflicated glee

Saddle Oxfords
And poodle skirts
You were all fluffy blouses
And warm kisses
But you never looked so good
As when you draped my
Leather jacket around your shoulders
The grease in my hair
Almost as thick
As it was on my hands
working on that 57 Chevy
A palace in the backseat
Where you were my Queen
of Lover’s lane

You, wrapped around from behind, sunset view
of Manhattan, top of the Empire State Building
your body’s heat warming me
your breath in my ear whispering
the city glows, our hearts know
it’s now or never, but it’s already been forever
you bend to knee, asking me
that question…I knew, I always knew
it’s already been answered, dear…
we’ve never left each other’s sides
with a yes, I toss the diamond over
it falls into oblivion, we kiss into infinity
no band can make me more yours
than I am right now
and always have been

just look at our stars…

…from Egypt 

to New York



~ Emily Clapper (in italics) & Eric (My Sword & Shield)



What a true joy to experience collaboration with Eric on this piece. His idea of a love that spans epochs is truly mesmerizing and I’m tickled to present the outcome of our combined brains. We each came up with the next era without consultation, and what a nice surprise.

If you haven’t visited his page…your life is incomplete, the man is a genius with words.

Thanks, Eric. Already looking forward to another round sometime.

39 thoughts on “Epochs of Us ~ A Duet

      1. Haha! SEE!?!? love you,Em. I’ll see what I can do soon. I’ve been thinking about pulling some old pieces from the dusty back shelves of the blog and cleaning them up. Maybe I’ll do some of those.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Love this!!!! Such a beautiful journey of two souls, destined, forever and ever. Both of you nailed this concept, with exceptional ease – bravo!!! 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

    Liked by 2 people

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