Acid Tongue

Vitriol you spit
from lips distant
words that sear
the soul to shreds
leave hearts
feeling dead
sarcasm spewed
in layers of crude
poison designed
to make a point
strike at nerves
repel advances
of love for you
of light for love
of anything bright
turn it to night
kill the switch
dim the bulb
veins shot
with fear of near
another’s spirit
so stand guard
build the wall
launch poison arrows
with your acid tongue

it’s okay…you see
two can play this game

and honestly…?

It only charms me.


~ Emily Clapper




18 thoughts on “Acid Tongue

  1. Scorching! A literary burn! But I like the end, and how it charms you. No matter what they say, you know they are thinking about you. That’s how I interpret that.

    Liked by 1 person

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