La Luna


La luna rises, night horizon’s eye
lifts mine to azure sky, gibbous white
looming large, my soul reaches
to escape to moondust beaches

A feather cloud, a quill of vapor
condensation cleverly drawn there
by invisible hand, poised to write
a message from your spirit to mine

My head cocked to ponder this
trace the downy script, sky’s bliss
of knowing the secret I beg to read
but keeping its words, lest heart bleeds

At truth told…heartbreaking or healing
I will never know without stealing
the code to be cracked, cryptic myth
guarded by Turing himself perhaps

Revealed to desperate soul of me
only when I succumb to thee
to mystery I feel, to love I resist
to letting go, a life without limits

I blow a kiss from down below
watch the feather drifting slow
the moon unfazed by little me
tugging with its gravity

— ever so subtly, I plead.

Goodnight, Moon.

Goodnight, Mystery.


~ Emily Clapper


(Photo: Emily Clapper, Seattle, 6.12.16)


22 thoughts on “La Luna

  1. I love how she sees messages from her guy in the clouds, and blows him a kiss from below. I wonder if he us up there in the sky, passed on, or if the clouds are echoing her thoughts of him. Giving answers I’m cryptic, because of her thoughts. Lovely piece 🙂

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