Runestone Saga ~ Runsten Saga

Norse saga of ancient times                 Norse saga i forna tider
one of blood and grime                           ett av blod och smuts
the Viking tales of old                             Viking berättelser om gamla
eighth to eleventh centuries                 åttonde till elfte århundraden
left behind in stories told                      kvar i berättelser
by others they plundered                      av andra de plundrade
by souls and lands conquered             av själar och landar erövrade
in ages long ago, in places                   i åldrar länge sedan, på platser
of Scandinavian traces                          för nordiska spår
lineage left and boundaries                härstamning vänster och gränser
smashed from Norway                         krossade från Norge
all the way from Iceland                      hela vägen från Island
to North Africa, Russia                         Nordafrika, Ryssland
pillaging, raiding                                   plundring, räder
their pagan defense from                   deras hedniska försvar från
Charlemagne’s christening                Charlemagne dop
the savage converting                         vilden konvertera
they resisted with ferocity,                 de motstånd med grymhet,
dominated trade, mercenaries,        dominerat yrke, legosoldater,
a social hierarchy of Thralls,             en social hierarki Trälar,
Karls, and Jarls, bottom to top          Karls och Jarls, nedifrån och upp
feasted on meats, fish, whales          festade på kött, fisk, valar
berries, porridge, and mead              bär, gröt, och mjöd
drunken cheers resistant to pleas    berusade skål som är resistenta mot grunder
their savage ways feared                   deras vilda sätt fruktade
but a civilization nonetheless          men en civilisation ändå
with power akin to Thor’s                 med makt besläktad med Tors
crack of Mjölnir, unrestrained          spricka av Mjölner, ohämmad
determination to conquer                  beslutsamhet att erövra
to death of countless buried              till döds av otaliga begravda
in tumuli, burial mounds,                  i högar, gravhögar,
or ships, tossed at sea, burned          eller fartyg, kastade i havet, brände
runestones tell of their deaths          runstenar berättar om deras död
their lives, carved in stone                 deras liv, huggna i sten
in perpetuity, through time               i all framtid, genom tiden

but better to read about them          men bättre att läsa om dem

than to meet them                               än att möta dem


~ Emily Clapper


“Runestone Saga” ~AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud


Poem request topic: “Vikings” by EmotionsOfLife2016.  Phew! This one was a challenging one and had me researching, but I learned a few things! Thanks, M! I hope you like your Viking poem!  I decided to leave the Swedish translation as well. I know you like the Scandinavian languages. 🙂  Perhaps, I’ll try to read it in Swedish, too…


27 thoughts on “Runestone Saga ~ Runsten Saga

    1. Thanks, Chris! Appreciate that. I majored in Political Science, and minored in European History, and studied Swedish in college. And so I find it all fascinating…may try and recorded the Swedish version, too. We’ll see. 🙂 And yes, there is quite a bit I’m reading about the structure of their civilization that intrigues beyond just the barbaric nature we associate them with.

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  1. This is amazing. What a fantastic idea. I for one would love the Swedish reading. What a wonderfully crafted poem and a captivating story. I did notice thr mobile layout issue but a quick tilt to landscape sorts it for me. Besides if I see there’s audio I play that and read along so I get the right inflections. Really enjoyed this!! 🗡🛡🍗🍺❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahaha. It’s always my first though with browser stuff, all my time spend on Internet/Mobile help desks have beaten it into me. If it makes you feel any better TV has tought me nothing good happens after 2am. Haha

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      1. That was truly brilliant. Wonderfully sultry, oh the dreams I’ll have tonight! I never hear Swedish spoken, it’s really interesting to hear poetically. The romantic languages flow much smoother but there’s a patience and a purpose from listening to this. Although that could just be you. I’m rather jealous if I’m honest, never had the tongue for languages, I could get the accents but never the words. Thanks for linking me to this, it’s a lovely treat after a late shift!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks, Cameron, absolutely my pleasure. It was a fun experiment! I’ll see if I can make it through the Viking poem. 🙂

        If you want more…you can click my categories drop down box on the right side and select erotica. 🙂

        Or go straight to my Soundcloud profile and listen to a lot more (of all genres).

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    1. Thank you, dear 🙏🏼😊 And yes, my 5/8 Norwegian is also titillated by this one. I’m going to attempt the recording in Swedish, but no promises! It’s a bear. 💜🍻

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