Kaleidoscope Daydreams


Barefoot, tall grass, sunshine
I spin with total abandon
my dizzy spells send
my head into bends
of swirling twirls
and colors blend
my summer dress
whirlpools my waist
butterflies flutter
past my face
I tried to catch one
but she flew away
you can’t keep
a free soul

so like her wings
I spread my arms
as centrifugal force
plays with gravity’s plans
and I lose myself
in kaleidoscope daydreams
in the field
where I went to find you
but I was so caught up
in the moment, I think
I missed you when you
came, and now I’m
back to butterflies
whispering my name


~ Emily Clapper




40 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope Daydreams

  1. I would ask who you lost
    But I do not wish pain
    To being back these thoughts
    The dizzy spells
    The beautiful words that articulate
    From your radiant soul

    A hazard guess
    A busy life that caused loss
    Maybe missed chance
    I have suffered
    With memories brought about
    By words you wrote
    The aches belie my heart

    Love reading your stuff haha

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    1. Ah…poemspeak
      A favorite thing of mine
      I could converse this way
      In patterned rhyme
      Until the cows come home
      But in England…that may be
      A very long time, since the grass
      Is so lush and sweet and lovely
      Tempt me with words
      And I cannot resist
      Thank you deeply
      For your kind thoughts on this!

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      1. The tone of the poem
        Bade me speak this way
        And though you may think
        The grass is lush here
        Across the tides is lusher
        I have not travelled
        Is it better to know?

        Or is it better to chance upon that which you never have seen?
        Taste the fresher pastures
        Take in the fresher air
        For is it stale where I am?
        Not necessarily
        The temptation will always
        be within my heart.

        So I ask you,
        For it sings deeply within me
        Have you loved and lost?
        And was that
        At its core?

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      2. Your perceptive words as always,dear,
        address matters of the heart quite clear.
        Of which mine has the richest variety
        from soaring love to preponderance of proclivity
        to leave its gates open night and days late
        letting many in who tempt my fate
        to love so hard you can taste the blood
        and feel so much you are forever above
        ability to ever be the same again
        and missed opportunities happen
        just like kaleidoscope daydreams
        so I never pass one, I jump at them all…

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      3. This love
        This freedom of variety you speak of
        Does it bring happiness?
        Are you free to choose and dive into waters of your own choice?
        Or is there one who claims your heart, your passion
        A claim to the sacred grounds of your soul.

        For that person surely must count themselves lucky
        To have one such as you, to name as theirs.

        These dreams and freedoms, tempt me
        They tease me,
        Taunt me as they swing passed in their ethereal ways, calling out from across vast distances and even moral boundaries…

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      4. While I am bound to one, I am free to love many
        As that is the core of polyamory
        And thus it is the core of me, you see
        For life is full of endless possibilities.
        As love begets more love
        Just as your kind comments touch my heart

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      5. I have never know polyamory to bring me anything but pain
        The dreams of those I love, but cannot obtain

        To see those so clearly, right beside me
        And yet feel so far away, across eternity.

        I knew how to be alone
        How to love without leaving an imprint
        How to touch without a whisper
        Yet I only felt pain when I wanted affection.

        It gladden me that you know love like this,
        For I fear I never shall.

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      6. Feeling love means being alive
        Feeling pain means you’ve risked to love
        Risking love is the only way to know
        Emotions cannot be selectively numbed
        You cannot have one without the other one
        And, I for one, will take that risk
        Because more often than not I will not regret it

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      7. My youth brought pain
        An anguish that dragged my heart into a dark place
        Seeking refuge with anything I could grasp
        Girls that would let me stay the night…

        But it never changed anything
        Those I loved, never came to me
        They forgot about me
        Moved on without me

        They still hold a place within what I call a heart

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      8. painful past, indeed
        we all have them you see
        what matters is picking
        up your heart, dusting
        off its pain, trusting
        that the world
        can be
        good again…

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      9. I have loved
        I have lost
        However now
        I have my love
        And she brings a soothing relief
        To the pained thing inside me

        Though I have her
        I still find myself
        Gaining affection for those
        Leslie interested then I

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      1. Oh that’s a clever idea! I might try that when I’ve got a bigger back catalogue. You’re really turning into quite the inspiring mentor to an eccentric rambling fool. Yes I really did enjoy it, even more so now I’m home as apparently I couldn’t get Internet on my phone all day and never got to peruse your soundcloud on the way to work. Day ruined! Ahaha!!!

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