Patchwork Heart

A strip of blue, a patch of white
a heart composed of stitches inside
that one black velvet, there, yellow silk
and here a bit of silver chenille

Round swatch of rayon in red
triangle of turquoise taffeta next
to purple paisley playing
in a field of cotton quilting

A memory for you, for them
sewn from time in memoriam
polka dot chiffon, stained denim
a tattered piece of chantilly lace

Your face and eyes in eyelet green
next to theirs in zippered Belgian zephyr
with warming tartan there I see
reminding me that all will be

As it will be, these lives of mine
as they existed once in whole pieces
till torn to bits and left in me as parts
threaded rough with needle deep

But always there for me to keep
that memory of when I was with
a soul that stirred my fabric of heart
enough to leave a textured part

Of maybe exotic orange organza, a touch of batik
a wisp of fishnet, or tanned smooth leather
mint merino, purple damask, corduroy of maroon
loose threads threatening to all come undone

Crisp crepe and houndstooth checked…

How I wish sometimes my heart was

storm-proof Gore-tex.


~ by Emily Clapper





31 thoughts on “Patchwork Heart

  1. You know when you cut into denim and don’t hem it of and it just frays and frays. That would be mine. Less patchwork more in patches. Excellent poem, the metaphors are fantastic and there’s a really pain to it like each description, each new patch that’s stiched to the whole hurts as it’s being attached in place. Wonderful piece!

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