Wings of Glass

perched above the abyss
the angel with wings of glass
observes her land, her dominion
of hearts, the ones she cares for
her gentle gaze scanning skies
she maps the expanse of love’s
reach watching for broken beings
sending signals to the stratosphere
like fireworks of passion dying
her cue to swoop down below

the wings she wears of clear glass
streaked with bits of blood
for when they grew they tore her…
she, doomed to forever care
in ways mere mortals never dare
her curse in life to fly wherever
love and loss called for her
to sweep up the tossed
in her hands of compassion
to cultivate their rebirth

light from sky up high refracts
in her glass to spotlight the heavens
the grounds below she searchlights
with rainbow beams straight to trees
to lovers, to souls in desperate need.
the shelter of her wings, the flight
away to somewhere new, better
where she sets them softly down
to love again, to start over again

her sacrifice of her own heart

for theirs

~ Emily Clapper





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