Fight (6-words)

May be failing…but I’m fighting.


13 thoughts on “Fight (6-words)

    1. Awesome, love this comment! The Scotsman and his big stick. I want you as my next door neighbor when I’m 80. πŸ˜‰ I feel safe just thinking about it… πŸ’œ And thank you! I’m so glad it resonated.

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      1. It really did. Bad few days but I’m taking stock and trying to fight. I’d be an amazing neighbour but you do realise if I’m this crazy now, I’ll be a danger to society in 50 years. Protected yes but not exactly safe, the eccentric antics of an old man can get a little wild. Still, it is a nice stick.

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      2. Sorry about the bad days! I’m crawling out of a bad five months. I know the fight. See…I don’t see you as crazy. What does that say about me? 😊

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      3. Be it days or months i think a creative soul will always be fighting. Life doesnt play fair for the tortured artist. Im sorry about your badness, ill go get my stick. Well… it tells me that the mind control experiments were a success. I shall tell the professor immediately, she will be pleased! πŸ˜‰

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      1. It’s all a matter of perspective, perhaps I think grand and not a quitter. I do see your point though. If I want something I generally don’t give up.

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