Toes in warm sand
you held my hand
blowing bubbles
they all came back
their rainbow sheen
wind setting free
seeing through
their translucency
ocean waves rolled
I turned around
and you were gone
now only your reflection
a million tiny times
from bubble’s wand
and the waves rolled
the spheres popped
your footprints absorbed
our sandcastle crumbled
arrow of time forward
but memories frozen
upon sand’s clean slate

Alas, my heart,
permanently inscribed –

Yet, to wipe it clean…

I’d never have known

your love.


~ Emily Clapper



On the cusp of sleep tonight…I had a vision involving bubbles on the beach, and this is where my brain went with it. But even crazier…after I wrote it, I searched for images and the first one that came up is almost exactly how I saw the vision in my literal mind’s eye. Amazing.


45 thoughts on “Bubbles

    1. Thanks, Simon! Hm, yeah, I suppose it has a touch of spook factor. But damn it if it wasn’t the first and only pic that came up in my search that came remotely close to my vision! My vision was brighter and not at sunset. Either way…it makes me want to take bubbles to the beach! 😉

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      1. It should have said “city parks”…silly autocorrect. I fixed it. 🙂 And it’s so important to stay youthful no matter the age! Remind me this when I turn the big 40 in September, please.

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      2. I will remind you and I hope you’re better at it than me. On my 40th year life decided to kick me black and blue, so I lost a lot. I hope that doesn’t happen with you Emily x

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      3. Ah, see? We’re much closer than you thought. 😉 But yes…I’ll still claim the younger title. And I hear you on all of that…I’m going through a fair amount of that myself. Sending love and strength. Life is a very long time. ❤

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      4. We are, but I thought you we’re 35 Max. Sending that love and strength in return. Life is long and far too short too. I don’t know about you, but I want to live before I die. It doesn’t sound like much, but I think it’s a big ask.

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      5. Well, thank you. 🙂 Sometimes I feel near 40 and sometimes I don’t. And I wholeheartedly agree. If you read my NYC journal from April, you’ll know how I try to live my life. But, sometimes sacrifice is involved in order to make things happen. I’m curious what your interpretation of living would be…and I wish you the best in making strides towards the life you desire. ❤

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      6. Sometimes I feel young… sometimes… where do I find your NYC journal?
        I’m not sure what living would be. Be certainly to have a degree of freedom to express myself and be myself. Right now I feel trapped.
        Thank you Emily, same to you 😃

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      7. I will. Thank you Emily. Not only do we have much in common, you’ve been kid and supportive. You’re very sweet, I’m afraid you might have made a friend 😃😘

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    1. Thank you, so much! I appreciate the feedback. 🙏🏼 And yes…often a poem pops up at the cusp of sleep and I have to write it out, like this one. Very ethereal indeed. Glad you enjoyed it! What name do you go by?

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      1. I love how you put them on the sound cloud too, it makes them more personal. I wish I could do videos and stuff but for the sake of my kids it’s important I protect my anonymity. I’m Queen Bee 🙂 (It used to be B.E-body electric), but then I thought Queen Bee was sassier lol ;0 I will make more effort to comment more, it just takes a long time to get through all the blogs I read but I’m trying to make leaving comments more of a priority 🙂 *hugs*

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    1. Yes, kismet. 🙏🏼 Thanks, C! I like them, too. But sometimes it makes it hard to go to sleep because then I have to wake up enough to get a poem out of my system. The writer’s curse, I suppose. 😉 Some of them I’m pretty much typing through the crack of an eye.

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      1. Oh I know that curse all to well. I sleep horribly as it is so creating something through that torment always helps. I still go by note pad and pen so if I’m laid on my side scribbling one eye closed depth perception becomes an issue and I’ve been known to write off the page…or myself. You’re sleepy poems do make all us readers smile though so maybe that’s a little solace for losing your sleep.

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