Solar Return

Solar return, your birth,
the day that changed my fate
we set up home, hearth
this country farm
we loved our child into existence
your long days away to provide
I never worried, but cried
the farm tilled, seasons turned
soil rich, nutrients blessed
even had we not touched it
our crops would grow
how deep our love…

Your favorite birthday treat,
homemade chocolate chip
cookies that mirrored
those brown eyes, winking
at me through kitchen window
where I, tied by apron toiled
with a smile for you, always
and waited…for you to saunter
through the door for more
a cold glass of milk, a kiss.

It has been years now…

since the last time you came back
and here I stand, fingers kneading
cookie dough, rolling balls to bake
for you, your day, your arrival
that never happens, since the last
memorable season of you turned
to a permanent winter, like my heart

only warmed now
by oven’s glow


~ Emily Clapper



This is for Alisa of Dusted Words who told me to surprise her with a poem, but not before throwing out a bunch of suggestions in a row: “Cookie, love, brown eyes, fingers, winking”  Well…my surprise is that I used them all in this poem.  I do hope you enjoy it, A!

If you haven’t visited her yet, I highly suggest you do. She’s amazing!


25 thoughts on “Solar Return

      1. Incoming message from the Mother of Alisa “I sure did like what Em wrote, she is a very talented”. I always forget she follows my blog and I was so confused lol. There ya have it my Mama liked it:)

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  1. The setting of this poem is pretty fantastic. Like I’m reading something a grandma or great-grandma might have felt and hoped. Loved how they built the farm and nurtured there child. And I feel her sadness missing him, when he’s passed on; hoping he’ll be at the door as he was so many times before, but cannot be there now. I like that she bakes his cookies anyways. And I have a feeling, she’ll see him again someday, and she won’t hurt for him anymore.

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