If Only

A slip of my fingers
I imagine you inside
a swirl of my pink button
and I gasp with delight
your image I see
in my picture frame eye
I hear your voice sigh
my name in peaking tones
beseeching me to moan
a plunge, and rock
rolling ’round non-stop

Adrenaline spikes
at the thought of nights
in your heated presence
the form of you molding to me
delectable delicacy
divinely presented pleasure
territory of you explored
fully, freely, to fuck more
than once, twice, thrice
Iโ€™ll offer myself up, a sacrifice

To the altar of your love
your passionate grip
the tug of my hair,
directing me where
to be, weakened by swoons
I am powerless against
your steamy temperament
that knows I will submit
when endorphins render my body
helpless, no choice, but
to melt time and again
into your countenance

I surge to crest in your honor
your name on my lips
licked with lust for your taste
no shame in my haste
only uncontrollable drive
to have you inside
over and over
and over againโ€ฆ
I need you near

If only you were here

…if only…


~ Emily Clapper



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