One-Name Act

Watch the hypocrite
create their own drama
drag others in and then
claim victim, how con artist
to set others up for a fall
with manufactured tears
but in real life displays
of sociopathic decay
that molds all it touches
toxic tendrils that strangle
the innocent, the undeserved
unwitting victims caught
in their web of deceit
and self-centered beliefs
that world revolves
around their ego alone
while others get sucked
down in whirlpool to drown
in putrid stench of narcissistic
decline of hearts on the line
toyed with and macerated
chewed to a pulp
without care for effect
on those who didn’t vote
to be in this play
a one-name, one-act show
where the only lights
are the emotional vampire’s name aglow

They may fool others
but they can’t fool me.

I’ll be there to call them out
Too smart to play their game
and I’ll be there for others
who suffer the same

I’ll take no shit,

I neither deserve it,

Nor did I order it.


~ Emily Clapper



26 thoughts on “One-Name Act

      1. No prob! No pressure. It’s okay if you don’t always read every one. I just thought you might enjoy this particular one, but that would be presumptuous of me. 😉 Goodnight, E!

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