Blue Mountain Girl

An Aussie Blue Mountain house sits high
at dusk on a night without dark nor light,
amongst eucalyptus groves rustling
their scent dusting the wind in flight.

His letter sent months ago, to her alone.
He called for her to join him here, his abode,
their brief meeting on that Sydney street
led him to dream, to hope, to believe.

One day to see her again, away together.
He has waited through seasons, forever
it seemed, but now this night he sensed
a different scent on the wind…hers.

Parting his stone castle, he ventures out,
spies a note stuck to a tree quite stout.
“I’m here…where are you?” she asks…
His heart stops, his gaze lifts, eyes squint,

To see through the eucalyptus trees
for a sign of her, he desperately pleads
with whom…unknown, the universe perhaps?
So taking more steps he drops onto the path.

And upon the next tree is stamped, “Turn left”
with a whip of his neck he swiftly directs
himself around the bend…catching a glimpse
of her linen skirt, it swirls spinning light dim.

To the next piece of parchment, stabbed with hope
“I’m waiting for you, find me…” she beckons.
His pace picks up, he darts forth with intent
this time her golden strawberry locks tempt.

A bit closer he feels, yet not close enough
“Faster, fool…or I’ll run off!” she taunts.
A peek produces her silhouette in shade
a gentle curve of her body he bade…

Note number five increases his drive
“I want you to see me…” this time,
written on her skirt, tossed to the ground
he sees her bare leg daring him around

The bend where finally…note six says,
“I’ll give myself to you, the whole of me, all”
Scribbled in dirt, an arrow pointing the way
and the way…it is up, in a treehouse aloft

He climbs her ladder and finds her there,
dressed only in that lush head of hair.
She awaits, her fire a heat of its own
stirring his, he rises deep down below.

Her seducing green eyes blink
with a pulse that quickens his,
no longer keeping his breath in,
he slides on the bed next to her flesh.

Feverish impulse he can no longer control,
their skin slips together in sweet dusk tonight,
a stranger no longer strange to the soul
this union of two spirits destined

to be one whole.


~ Emily Clapper




Mark from MTmind requested “suggestion” for me to write on…and well, him being from Australia, I almost immediately came up with this story of a romantic chase through eucalyptus trees.  I have so much cinematography going on in my mind for this one…it was so vivid, I wanted it to be real.  I do hope you enjoy it, Mark, and thank you for the suggestion! 🙂


36 thoughts on “Blue Mountain Girl

    1. Thanks so much, Alisa! I’m glad it gave that effect! I feel I almost could have written a novel here, the story was that ripe with potential depth. Maybe I will…maybe I will… 😉

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  1. Wow, that was beyond delicious Em! A scrumptious serving of suggestive splendour. Your imagination is incredible. Thank you so very much xo

    * Yes, we spell splendour that way down here 🌞❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Mark! I am so glad you enjoy it. I hope I did your country justice? I had to research terrain and learned about the Blue Mountains. Makes me even more anxious to visit someday. Beautiful. And I love the extra ‘u’. Britain has left its mark in a few locations around the world. Thanks again for the love! 🙏🏼😘💜


      1. Jealous that noone is leaving me a trail of love notes. Haha. Really did enjoy it, loved the whole theme of the quest following the notes. ❤ Very romantic, appeals to that hopeful fan of love under the eccentric maniac. Haha! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m so honored you enjoyed it so! I’m jealous of them, too. Sigh….seems like another world, sans texts and easy communication….just primal chase. Appeals to me greatly. 🙏🏼💜😊

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      3. *sigh*😧 I’m wondering if I’d rather be the one leaving the notes, I think I could have a lot of fun with that…well depending on the girl of course. It’s quite telling it appeals to you there’s are great longing throughout that is personified in the chaser but echos you as the author in a delicate balance that doesn’t pull you from the piece but gives you the cute little insight into you.

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      4. I just got a bit excited at being called an “author.” 😉 And yes, I could imagine being in both rolls… I am quite playful at heart and need relationships that nurture that in various ways or I would wither on the vine…

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      5. Oh did your heart flutter a little. I shall have to be careful! Ahaha 😉 I completely agree, for any relationship to thrive both parties must maintain that playfulness the enjoyment of being together doing silly things that are just for you. Sometimes I think my thoughts are too grand that love like mine doesn’t exist but why settle my expectations when I’ll still act the same.

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  2. The visual queues for this were stunning, Em. I love the descriptions and your word choices. Not only was this a fun and sexy story for me…but it also speaks to something I really loved in my younger days. Back in the ancient times of MTV…there was an animated series called The Maxx. It was about a homeless man who had hallucinations of being a super hero but also it was about his infatuation and feelings for the social worker assigned to help him by the city. Her name is Julie and he believes that in some ancient time, she was a warrior Queen of a tribe in the prehistoric outback and he was her champion. It is a amazing study in psychology and philosophy and probably a direct influence on a lot of my writing.

    I think you’ve captured the essence of their relationship in this…and that to me is amazing.

    You’re a brilliant writer, Lovely Lady. 💕 goodnight again! 😉

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      1. You should never think you believing i will like what youve written is presumptuous! I love your work. You can take it as a fact that I will love what you do. ♡ Sweet dreams

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  3. Love it, Em. What a chase. The fae feel of this is most enticing…I was waiting for this nymph to disappear in a puff of smoke and leave him wandering eternally, lost amongst the eucalypts…but maybe that’s just my own experience with treacherous sprites influencing my thoughts… Lol. Fine writing, my friend. Amazing what a single word can elicit 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Ryan! I’m glad you liked it. I wanted to get it right for the Australians I know! I hope I did. 🙏🏼💙 And yes…one word is all it takes to set my mind afire…

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