Spontaneous Silhouette

(Photo credit: Emily Clapper, Seattle, 6.24.16)

I looked up and there you were
pondering your morning work
on the wall in front of me
waiting for my photography

A spontaneous silhouette
untainted pose for capture
thinking long and hard
fingers poised for long haul

I wonder what it is you study
with whom it is you are corresponding
taking the moment, I record it
enjoy it by myself in private

Just for a few moments…

because I need to let you know
that your defined countenance
made an artful impression

I’ve done this before, this is not new
I see chances everywhere to seize you
an unwitting muse, here and there
I’ll create art without you aware

And after, I introduce myself
happy to share your beauty with you
and always am I greeted with a smile
a thank you, and an email to supply

a picture, a moment,
a spontaneous silhouette

whatever it may be,
it is from my heart,
from me…


~ Emily Clapper



This took place this morning. All I did was look up and there he was. I did, in fact, say hello. He is a regular, like I am. And I did get a smile, a thank you, and a “wow, you have quite the artistic eye!”  I emailed him then and there his picture, he replied then and there with his thanks.  I do this a fair amount for people out in the world. If I see a moment, I’ll capture it and say hello after to send them the pics. Most people are blown away. Perhaps I should start documenting this more often. Perhaps I could make a photography-poetry book someday. Perhaps.


30 thoughts on “Spontaneous Silhouette

  1. This sounds like such a wonderful thing! I’m sure everyone who meets you always makes a place for you in their hearts 💕 Would love to see all the pictures, you’re a truly gifted soul Em! 😊👍👍

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    1. Thank you so much, A 🙂 I’m flattered. I have a few I took in NY…of lovers walking in front of me on the Brooklyn Bridge. Should be in my NY journal somewhere. They were also very grateful. There are others I’ve accumulated over time. I should compile them…

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      1. I’ve taught for so many years and there is a definite turning on of the people skills, but in my everyday life, I am rather introverted and shy. I mean, I’m friendly and nice but I don’t approach strangers, lol.

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  2. Your poem is excellent, and the backstory is great.
    When I lived in Western New York, I would take as many pictures of the tourists as I would Niagara Falls. Those candid shots of the photographers were interesting, but just as much so were the candid (but not so candid, since they were posing) shots of those in front of the camera.

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