Fool No More

with every step, the stairs crumbled
pace quickened, voice stumbled
calling out to you ahead, giving chase
I tripped on rocks, I was up to waist
in failing dreams, sinking quicksand
lives interrupted, plans changed
for running toward elusive light
lost my way in blanket night
when could have built stable stairs
instead of chasing false hope lairs
facades of truth turned upside down
saccharine sweet falsities flowed
in rivers of promise, years wasted, broken
down by let down, romantic tokens,
but I go on…determined to try
with each new step, despite your lies
you won’t win this time, or any – for I’ll fly
above the abyss, you’d like me to fall
straight down, but watch me, it’s my call
not yours, where I put my love
how I open my heart
what souls I find
to invest my time
you lost your chance
I stopped our dance
you found your fool
it was me no more
glad to be too
smart for you
free to be
myself, me


~ Emily Clapper



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