Iridium Flare

In a world of increasing disconnect
we find ways to connect
satellites orbit above our heads
when we can’t be face to face instead
we send our messages cellular
our thoughts celestially soar
invisible lines of connectivity
bring us together virtually

in the heavens above if you look closely
you can see man-made stars verbosely
chattering amongst themselves
observing our tales of human love, woe
as they process the data and stream below
our eyes look up to Iridium flares
the constellation of wires with wings that stare
back with sun’s rays, eyes in the sky
where we put our deepest thoughts high
and trust they’ll be received by our ones
whom we mean to view our heart’s sun

but could we do it without them…
would we fight for expression
could we cross the oceans ourselves
deliver our letters to souls we love
in person with a touch, a hug, a kiss
maybe…maybe not
but for now, the world is our oyster
to do as we wish
meet those we couldn’t
without the Iridium constellation
a gift, but not an excuse
to connect more yet
without disconnect
that is its intended use

we have the tools –

…let’s use them.


~ Emily Clapper



26 thoughts on “Iridium Flare

  1. Those almost omniscient beacons of delights, delerium and danger. Oh how they sparkle way up there. I just love your enquiring mind. I wish I could fall into the scientific rabbit hole but I get too distracted by wondering why the unicorns were at war with women and why men can’t help because they can’t see them. Marvellous poem. You continue to astound all us readers 😊💖

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  2. It’s easier than ever to keep in touch with friends and family, so that’s a plus. And it’s so nice to meet new friends through social media, like WordPress. But nothing’s as good as sitting down with someone and seeing them in person.

    Liked by 1 person

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