Is Time

Stream of sleepy consciousness

Waking up to raining gusts

No longer knowing

What is real or just

Straddling the line

Of magnanimous


Dimensions between


Here there and in

Each corner of mind

Your voice speaks from

Thousands of miles

Beyond this time

Drifting behind heavy-lid eyes

Knowing that my now

Is your now

Is our now

Is time


~by Emily Clapper




13 thoughts on “Is Time

  1. You are catching threads of the ether, pulling at strands of the intangible veil which secrets away the most fundamental truths of reality and existence…keep probing, keep pulling…the fabric can be lifted.

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  2. Your sleepy language and themes are always so beautiful. They flow marvellously across the page to my eyes, to my head, to my heart. You need to to a bedtime series. Soft whimsical good night’s that send the reader…or better yet listener…to sleep with thought to inspire enchanting dreams. “It’s time” you get the acclaim you deserve!

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    1. Terribly kind of you. Yes, this was cusp of sleep. And what a sweet idea. I should at the very least tag them in their own category so people can find them. 😊 Thanks for such avid support, C! πŸ™πŸΌ

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      1. Always, when you find someone that weaves words in a way that captivates you it’s hard not to support. Let me know when you’ve got a Playlist of recording of the dreamy pieces so I can use it for those insomniac nights. Haha!

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