I can’t do this alone…but I scream to be alone
so I run away chasing silence, seeking solace in nothing
where no one needs me, while I desperately need
but it hurts too much, I feel too hard
I sense my censoring, self-imposed leash
tying myself to stake, while my brain bubbles to speak

my heart hurts
my tongue tied
my soul stirred

internal tug-o-war, may as well be the rack
drawn and quartered, front to back
tortured until near-death, forced to survive
against my will…sometimes I’d rather not
but I can’t hide, though I try
light finds me in my cave
can’t cut it off, without suffocating myself

I plug my ears
I sit in fear
I know you’re near

Isolation beckons, disconnecting lures
floundering in failure, tainted by time

I can run but I can’t hide

too much love is on my side

~ Emily Clapper



22 thoughts on “Isolate

      1. Oh! Sad face. 😕 I lucked out and was at a party on a houseboat this year. That was a first. I’ll probably write and post pics today so you can see. I hope at least you got paid extra!

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