Quiet Chaos

sunshine burns through closed eyelids

trees shimmer sound past dormant ears

thoughts drift from real to fantasy

not entirely here nor there

gentle sway of hammock hung

from plum to maple

toes painted purple, shoulders bare

a chill, a shiver in warm summer glare

perfectly calm, yet in the midst of chaos

a heart turned and tossed

by night, by morning conflicted

every inch of life processed

in words that cannot convey meaning

nor spirit, nor heart in clarity

but desperately striving to reach out

to resist the urge to hide from life

to face the storm and ride the waves

putting out my truth as I see it

fighting for what is worth my time

knowing it will be a ride

and in the end, I wish to be left

with a grin on my face and messy hair

and when I look behind,

I’ll see grinning back, my loves,

the ones who buckled in

and dared.


~ Emily Clapper



24 thoughts on “Quiet Chaos

  1. I don’t think chaos is ever a good thing, but I believe that when the storm passes it can bring clarity. So maybe there is a silver lining around those dark clouds that pass over us.
    This is a great poem Em!

    Liked by 1 person

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