That’s it.

No rush.

Easy does it.

Stoke me.

Take your time.

I want to feel it all.

At my pace.

Let me linger.

Under your fingers.

Savor contact.

Stimulate fluidity.

Smooth conductivity.

Charged adrenaline.

Builds like an avalanche.

Flirting with my trigger.

Sliding in deeper.

Let it throb there.

While I dance.

Beneath your weight.

Caught in your net.

I flutter in heat.

Make me wait.

At edge of pleasure.

Teased at the top.

Begging release.

But slow.

Then let go.

Let me go.

Push me there.

Again. Again!

Flood me.

With you.

Lose me.

On you.

Taste me.

On you.

Stay in me.

No rush.

That’s it.




Pinky Swear

Just as I belong to no one
you do not belong to me

We walk aside each other

But near enough to hold
strong enough to support

Through the mire
the brambles, the barbed wire

I’ll be within reach
hoping you are within reach

That when I falter
…you catch my fall

And that when you waver
…I’ll be unwavering

For this, for us

for we

are worth

this pinky swear


~ Emily Clapper





Sunlit cedar
standing for decades strong
sunset lights your branches
as you overlook ocean far

So steadfast through the storms
so deep your reaching roots
undaunted by treading time
my humble humanity walks by

Lend me your trunk for pause
my strength fades like day
you prop me up when I spin
until I can resume on my way

You may not ever have to walk
you may live in monotony
yet your earthly time surpasses
my relatively short stay

To accept your destiny
your rooting deep in crust
a lesson for my spirit, to accept

sometimes living

is standing still


~ Emily Clapper


Care Taker

Your sad eyes sink with certain gloom

With them, my heart dips dark, too

My eyes scan your fallen face of fear

Trying to discern the source of your tears

Care taker, am I…
I will take yours away

From here, switch out blackness of day

For brightness of my light, highlighting

Your beauty that shines from deep within

Here…use my shoulder…

All of me is yours

Empty yourself

I will fill you up

~ Emily Clapper