Alternate You

In one universe…
a yes.

In the other,
a no.

A chance taken here,
same chance passed there.
Love pursued or love denied,
opposite from the other side.

In one universe
a kiss, the other a slap,
or perhaps two ships
passing in dark night.

A turn to the right or left
makes all the difference.
Destiny mocks prerogative –
our lives organized chaos.

Somewhere…another you exists,
choosing alternative opportunities.
In fact, every possible existence exists.

Which one are you living…?

would you do any different here, now…
would you say yes
would you say no
would you leap into a black hole
find the other yous
be another version…

or can you look in the mirror

and love right where you are…


~ Emily Clapper



9 thoughts on “Alternate You

  1. Now, this is a poem that presents us with an eternal dilemma! We can never be sure or we can be certain of our choices and then never look back. It’s the hardest thing to do! Well written Em, wonderful poem 💕

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    1. Thank you, dear Addy. 🙏🏼 Yes…a paradox. We all have things to be proud of and things we may regret…that’s life, isn’t it. But each morning is a new chance for another attempt at the life path we desire. 😊

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  2. You pose an interesting question, wondering what would have happened if we made the opposite choice. As if there were two worlds, one where we made one choice, and in the other world the opposite choice. I have always believed we each have a purpose and despite our free will. I think we have a destination and we get their sometimes easily and sometimes the hard way. But along the way the journey and our choices, shape and mole us. So I try not to regret a choice, even if it was painful, I understand that choice, often means better things ahead. New opportunities and new experiences. Great write!

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