Repeat (Explicit 18+)

gently, softer
slide along there
fingers slipping
skin dripping
tugging tender
kisses wander
sucking wetter
shifting closer
undress me faster
hear heart harder
pounding louder
panting heavier
lock eyes longer
adrenaline spiking
veins electrifying
from your energizing
just the thinking
of your heat entering
shoots a shocking
jolt, system heating
my name calling
yours sighing
past lips licking
your mouth searching
until heat building
unbearable desiring
of you inside me
you enter desperately
sending me arching
a union of soul’s calling
bodies lusting
simultaneous rocking
orgasms firing
all cylinders roaring
no one stopping
keep on climbing
until you, bursting
your heady groaning
my instinctive moaning
our spirits combining
my swelling sweetly
your cumming completely
hardness lingering
we fall together in sync
relishing our destiny
our essences shuddering
sweetest tasting
love lasting
nightly dreaming

repeat fucking

~ Emily Clapper



38 thoughts on “Repeat (Explicit 18+)

    1. Mmmhmmm. 😊 Thanks, Ryan. Missed you. Oh…and I wrote a poem for an Aussie by request. I don’t think you saw it but I’ll put the link here and I’d love your thoughts. 😊 It’s called Blue Mountain Girl. He asked for the topic “suggestion.” I got creative with it.

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