Dead and buried, my corpse decomposing
my spirit hovering above, viewing mourners
my headstone etched, letters all that’s left
of me, my story, life, a three name biography

Fog rolls by, whispering pasts I lived
names curl around granite, spoken in wisps
forming faces that resemble familiarity
in smoke of history taunting memory

The grass long, the moss growing, forgotten…
time edges on uncaring, unforgiving, relentless
season’s metamorphosis, perpetually forward

no pity for the passed…

The coffin cradles my bones in satin
a dainty pillow upon which to rest my head
thoughtless now, where once deep thought
turned, left to spirit roaming grounds in haunt

Restless, unfulfilled, life unfinished…
I float aloft, a wandering dead star
shining black light on an old life
searching for a hint of hope, a sliver,

A glitch in the universal system of entropy
whereby a loophole, a flaw, an error
would allow me back to be with thee
for in my living, I lost my chance to be

Until I spy a lone Empress tree
purple blossoms majesty
a figure clothed in white resides
under shade in pondering asides

The most familiar form of all…hair and eyes
a face I’d see a million times…
caught crying and nearly dying
heart broken a million times

The liminal cusp of death, its grip
suffocating her, her life unrecognizable
pulse faint, crossing the line
or already crossed…

There I was…

And behind the tree, approaching…


In one kiss, my spirit absorbed by body
my life inhales, my heart restarts

my corpse evaporates
my resurrection complete

Death will have to wait.

~ Emily Clapper



31 thoughts on “Resurrection

    1. Thanks, X! I just whipped that up real quick before going to bed. Ha! Don’t know where it came from. I do always get inspired after talking to you, though. Refresh for the audio I just added…if you want. Sweet dreams! 🙏🏼😘💀💜

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The way this flowed from beginning to end was so seamless! Another beautiful poem Emily! I really enjoyed the read 😊💙 – Michelle

    Liked by 1 person

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