You are broken
I am broken, too
polished on the outside
crushed on the inside
glass spirits shattered
shards stuck, cardiac
palpitations flutter
electrocardiograms spike
charting our hearts’ dives
together we patch the holes
in the other’s souls
no claim to perfection
no right to pedestal
don’t look for me there
for I won’t be there…
meet me in the mud
my familiar romp
we share pain
a knowing
an acceptance
not to change
but to embrace
as-is, wholehearted
my humanity raw
my feelings real
you mirror me
we were meant to be
broken beings


~ Emily Clapper



26 thoughts on “Broken

      1. It means a lot to know that what I feel or think is normal, not strange and there are others out there. I think you feel this, because I feel these words come from your heart.

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  1. This is so good Emily! So proud to have you with us 😊 the last few lines had me thinking of two halves that join to make one, its so perfect the way you wrote it ^.^

    – Michelle

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