Babe…all I want to do is let you

sip from my lips love’s nectar

I’ll sip from yours red wine

consume all of your juice

the sweetest of any kind

Babe…I’m melting at the thought

of you between my legs

your licks draw my flood

my thrusts bring you near

hands pull you in closer

Babe…it’s never close enough

I want our skin to merge

to feel you against me

your breath in mine

our hearts in time

Babe…where have you been

why did we wait this long

how can I sleep without

you next to me in sheets

too hot to have on, our heat

Babe…?  Babe.

Enter me.

Make me shut up.

Show me how it’s done.


~ Emily Clapper




49 thoughts on “Babe…

      1. Emily, everything you write I like. But your sexual pieces are very exciting. Of course I loved it… the thoughts of two bodies becoming one and together to make love is erotic,

        Is it because your mind relaxes and all your suppressed thoughts flood back into you? 😉

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      2. Well, that’s terribly kind, Simon. Thank you! 🙏🏼 Ummm…well, I’m not entirely sure, but writing erotica at breakfast just doesn’t feel the same as writing it late at night in dim light and possibly naked. 😉

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      1. “The quivering nimble hour of the present, this is the quick of Time. This is the immanence. The quick of the universe is the PULSATING, CARNAL SELF, mysterious and palpable.” (D.H. Lawrence)

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    1. Oh! Whoops! Old habits die hard, I suppose. And I don’t know what it is…but there are a couple words that get me going, and being called “Babe” is one (second only to “Woman”). Why? I don’t know. Somebody somewhere must be researching this effect. 😉 And thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

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