Saturn & The Stardust Rope


Fourteen thousand feet above sea level,
Hawaiian dusk has fallen on Mauna Kea
like a shooting star,
galaxy overhead
blankets the earth in glitter

Air is thin, dizzying my mind
with thoughts of you, I spy
through the telescope, silvery Saturn
and the rings, remembering

your message to me, “Join me here…”

One by one the stars descend,
a step ladder to heaven
I begin to ascend,
leaving the ground climbing the sky
I seek your playground this balmy night

A rope of stardust
throws itself my way
hanging on I pull up against gravity
seeking you in cosmic riptides,
speed unchecked

Landing on the swirling rings,
releasing my hold, free
there you are
dancing on the satellites,
Saturn’s halo

With a smile on your face,
you take my hand, we dive
swimming in our celestial pool,
I try to catch you
you pretend to resist, briefly…
and then succumb

wrapping up in the glow
of our own world

I cut the stardust rope to Earth


~ Emily Clapper




37 thoughts on “Saturn & The Stardust Rope

      1. Yes, yes it is. People have no idea how crucial balance is to functioning until it’s gone. I’ve recovered before, I just don’t know how long this flare up will last, and that’s the sucky part. At least I have poetry and you guys. 😉

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      2. I forget to put this under my poem, but I was stargazing on the top of Mauna Kea in September of 2014, and saw Saturn (& Andromeda) with my own two eyes. And so the inspiration. I’ll never forget it. 🙂

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      3. I had wondered when I read it:) Magnificent memory and experience. Funny when I was in Maui there was a full moon over the water one night, also one of those visuals I will also never forget. Very special.

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      1. Beautiful! Did you know there is a hexagonal weather formations at Saturn’s north pole and an the same in an oval shape at the south pole…crazy shit! I love it!

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      2. I just read that last night actually! Can’t comprehend…this universe is some crazy shit. I took astronomy in college…got to measure galaxies and chart the moon. Still have my books. I feel like cracking them open now… I wasn’t great with the astronomical equations, but I love the topic.

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      3. Look at you…measuring galaxies and such. 😍😆 I am more attracted to the nights sky’s more esoteric interpretation. Like the meaning and role the celestial bodies played in ancient culture and finding their subconscious symbolism even in the present.

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      4. Oh I’m the same, hence why I did not excel at the equations. While I appreciate the science, ’cause it’s pretty freaking awesome stuff, if they had a class for just the esoteric interpretation, I would have been the first one registered. 😉

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      5. You already know I find you to be the most intelligent, beautiful, accepting woman I have ever encountered. If I could have it my way I would carry you near my heart always…ok there…sheesh😶

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      6. Thank you…loss for words. Hence the emojis. 🙏🏼 You have a huge heart yourself, FYI. 💜 I just tried driving…not sure I should have. I can’t stand being cooped up, though…sigh. Let’s hope I make it home alive. Oh…and X, you would have loved the planetarium at the UW, and they also have a huge pendulum in constant motion. Only students have access to those perks which is probably a big reason why I took the class. 😉

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      1. Will get there in a bit, C. I should give you the heads up I’m dealing with a flare up of migraine induced vertigo this whole week and so I have to dose my screen time a little differently. I may be a bit slower to respond, but it’s not personal. I don’t know when this will go away, but I’m trying to not stare at screens longer than necessary. Thanks! 🙏🏼💜


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