As I sit here on day 9 of this latest migrainous vertigo flare up, fighting to keep on keeping on…I look at all that I’ve already overcome in my life and I know I will get through it in time, hopefully sooner than later.  I’m using all the tricks I know of, and I’m throwing in an extra dose of positive thinking, even in the darkest moments when all I want to do is cry.

I’ve been here before, I know I can recover, it’s a matter of time. I’ve overcome physical and emotional battles to become a personal trainer, a triathlete, a marathoner, a cycle and Yoga instructor, I’ve gained and lost weight, I’ve been injured, I’ve always always always fought back.

And while I have my dark moments of “just kill me now,” and while it’s tempting to give up…I never do. It’s not in my blood. I’m a fighter.

I am grateful for what I do have. It’s also why when I am able to live more fully than I can in this moment in time, I don’t waste a fucking minute, I appreciate everything, every beautiful second of existence. It’s why I chase down dreams, why I travel, why I pursue my passions. Because, you never know when it will be taken away in the blink of an eye.  I’ve been there before. I’m there now.

This song and video encapsulates what I think it means to be a fighter regardless of setbacks and challenges. Doing everything you can…when you can.

And until then, I’m doing my best to pretend and fake it till I make it.

Not easy…but then there are no guarantees in life.

There are a couple mottos and mantras I live by:

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”  ~ Japanese Proverb

And then the great Martin Luther King, Jr. who says it like I live….

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”


My apologies for being behind on reading your wonderful words. It’s slow going these days, and screens confuse my brain. But, I will catch up in time, promise.





25 thoughts on “Renegades

  1. Great song! Awesome words! Amazing attitude! I know it will get better for you. And till it does remember sometimes you gotta just embrace the suck! 😆

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    1. Thanks, sweet Rita. ❤ Hugs and kisses back. I'm going for a very slow sunset walk now. Wondering if I should wear a helmet. 😉 (sorry, dark humor is how I survive this shit.)

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      1. Keep doing that best and then just get that extra quota, you know how it happens when you run 🙂 . If I can do anything let me know. My email is on my about page. Hugs

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  2. Strong, insightful, and inspiring writing Emily. Keep fighting, I know you’ll get through it. I really believe in your writing quotes, and music, you say to yourself, any thing I could say to help. But you are in my prayers and I pray God would lighten your burden in life and carry you through your troubles, that you would find growth and prosperity, and thankfulness even for the bad times. That God would help you find balance, peace, and contentment in life again. Hugs.

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