One Foot

One foot…
the other.
Tender steps,
night’s rest
envelops me
along this road
alone to behold
of soul, whole
in time, patience
mine, elusive
captured asleep
head turns
to see…slowly
Mars’ ruby glow
in twilight azure sky,
to right, waxing
gibbous Moon
Jupiter west
steadier than me
anchors in sky’s sea
whether I’m drifting
they remain lifting
solid, sure, looming
I ponder future…
mine, humanity
and gaze back
to feet, tenderly


one foot…

the other.

~ Emily Clapper




11 thoughts on “One Foot

      1. Quite the project, Simon! But, I bet you could do it. 🙂 I was lucky enough to star gaze on Mauna Kea where the Keck observatories are located. I’ll never forget seeing Saturn and Andromeda with my own eyes. Tonight though…Mars was the star. Bright red, easily visible.

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