Saltwater Swell

Soothed by sea shore
Heart not beating anymore
Dislodges from chest
Rolls toward waves
To dive in, to numb
To life’s repeated stabs
How cool that water
Hypothermic rehab

To just disappear
In tides’ pull
Frozen to death
No feelings, just go
Sink to sand, alone
Darkness swallows
No one will notice

Saltwater swell
Has other plans
Shoves heart
Back to sand
Time and again
Try as it might

My heart
Can’t succumb

To desired fate

~ Emily Clapper


*Written right now…fresh from the beach. I’m still sitting here on a driftwood log with the above view right now. Tempted to dive in.

Photo: Emily Clapper, Carkeek Beach, 7.16.16


3 thoughts on “Saltwater Swell

    1. Many thanks, Eric πŸ™πŸΌ πŸ’œ Yes…I love the ocean, too. And thankfully I’m only five minutes from this beach in the picture where I was last night. I’d be there every day if I could… 😊 How close are you to the water?

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