‘Neath a speckled toadstool
born a faerie of flight
wings wet and wrinkled
eyes searching afright

She poked a toe into the mud
to test this wild earth
to see if she could handle it
in all its mocking mirth

Warily she crawled forth
on hands and knees, dainty
and shook the dewdrops
from her sails, spread widely

Spying nearest ray of light
she sought its warmth out
her wings drying quickly
color of rainbow no doubt

Croak, a curious frog spoke
leaping near her sunspot
jolted by surprise, she squeaked
her first new friend found

Offering his back to her
she stepped on with care
and with a hop, wings took off

launched up into forest air

~ Emily Clapper


(Photos: Emily Clapper, 10/2015, Seattle. Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, beautiful but hallucinogenic.)

*wrote the poem first, then remembered I had these pics I took last year


Fog Horn

Fog horn on the ocean

soft nightly serenade

blowing sound

across the Sound

in a solemn refrain

heed the warning, seamen

this ship sails dark

in the evening, marine

layers of sinking

stars blanketed

by cotton blight

no charting

by constellation high

but blindly set forth

whether poor sight

bound for destination

listener wonders where

as your Doppler effect

dissipates the path

you declare


~ Emily Clapper




When I

When I wasn’t sure I could walk,
your hand was there to guide me

When I wasn’t sure if I could talk,
your warm silence embraced me

When I thought I couldn’t go on,
your words were there to inspire me

When I struggled to smile,
you smiled for me

When darkness choked me,
your light broke through

When I doubted myself,
your confidence lifted me

When I thought my heart was done,
your love brought it back to life


~ Emily Clapper