Shades of Blue


Bleeding shades of blue

pooling swirls

painting floor

with sad moods

melted like crayons

dark to light

can’t find source

of this remorse

no gauze or nurse

to change my verse

the glaze of grief

Van Gogh’s relief

had he subject in me

sunflowers would grow

from ground coat

my dark demise

destined to float

the light in yellow

alas, alone am I

palette of blues

of which to choose

~ Emily Clapper



24 thoughts on “Shades of Blue

    1. Thank you, Meg! 🙏🏼 Yes, he is amazing! On my trip to NY, I was lucky enough to see a large selection of his work at The Met…I’ll never forget that! I’d seen a a couple here and there in Seattle, but to be surrounded by them was something else. 😊🌻

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