Somewhere Over The Rainbow


This is a request from me to me.

It has been an extremely challenging couple weeks but the last couple days has been particularly rough. While I saw signs my body was trying to kick this vertigo, I got news my father was admitted to the hospital in Wisconsin for suspected stroke.  He was there to spend time our family cabin.

Thankfully, the stroke was ruled out. They believe very high blood pressure was the culprit for his neurological symptoms. So they have given him new meds, he has started to be a bit more like himself, and they released him. He will be driven home by a family member this weekend to Seattle.

With all of the stress around the original uncertainty of the news, the waiting for information, having family over there take care of him until we can get him home, etc…it pushed me a bit backwards in my own health. And I’ve had a few near breakdown moments just trying to take care of myself while dealing with the news. Thought for sure I was about to land on the floor a couple times.

Trying to look at the positive. He will be okay. I will eventually be okay. Trying to breathe.

So while I was showering tonight…I decided to sing the first song that came into my mind, to soothe my own soul, and this was it.

I feel ever-so-slightly calmer…





Moon’s Keepers

The full moon gleams
with diamond beams
on a night like tonight
perfect for true sight
plant leaves glowing
a bioluminescent hue
under summer sky’s
slumber over me and you

Eyes adjust, night vision
sharpens, awakens
keen view of night dwellers
their world stirs
in secret abundance
crawl out to sonder
sit for a spell
on a corner still

Soon a black bat circles
squeaks its radar beeps
zeroing in overhead
sense of protection –
not prey,
nocturnal display

Moon’s keepers of night
will keep me up tonight

~ Emily Clapper