Somewhere Over The Rainbow


This is a request from me to me.

It has been an extremely challenging couple weeks but the last couple days has been particularly rough. While I saw signs my body was trying to kick this vertigo, I got news my father was admitted to the hospital in Wisconsin for suspected stroke. Β He was there to spend time our family cabin.

Thankfully, the stroke was ruled out. They believe very high blood pressure was the culprit for his neurological symptoms. So they have given him new meds, he has started to be a bit more like himself, and they released him. He will be driven home by a family member this weekend to Seattle.

With all of the stress around the original uncertainty of the news, the waiting forΒ information, having family over there take care of him until we can get him home, etc…it pushed me a bit backwards in my own health. And I’ve had a few near breakdown moments just trying to take care of myself while dealing with the news. Thought for sure I was about to land on the floor a couple times.

Trying to look at the positive. He will be okay. I will eventually be okay. Trying to breathe.

So while I was showering tonight…I decided to sing the first song that came into my mind, to soothe my own soul, and this was it.

I feel ever-so-slightly calmer…





35 thoughts on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    1. Thank you, dearest sweet Ryan in Oz (love that). Doing all I know how… Very appreciate for your support, and thank you for taking the time to read and listen. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’œ

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  1. I’m so sorry for everything that has been weighing on you, Emily. Sending as much positive energy as I can. Your heart is precious to me, and I want you to know you will be in my thoughts. ❀

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  2. It’s understandable that this would soothe you.
    Very well done.
    It’s good to know that a stroke was ruled out, and that your father’s health issue can be addressed.
    Bad news that the news compounds your health issues, but I’m sure this gave you some nice release.

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  3. Oh, sweet Em. First, I’m so glad your father is on the mend and so are YOU. I love, love to hear you sing to me. And you happened to pick one of my lifetime favorite songs – my hope fuel. I love you ❀

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    1. Love you, too, Rita πŸ’œ Just got a call from my mom that my dad is back in the hospital for cellulitis from a bumped toe that can cause sepsis in the blood stream which could be the cause of his symptoms. So they are now treating him with IV antibiotics. This will delay his return home of course, but hopefully will clear him up with all this… I’m still working on taking care of myself meanwhile…today has been a challenge. But, I know it’s all temporary… Glad you enjoyed the song 🌈🎼

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      1. Oh no! We’ll be grateful they caught this and he is being treated. I wish I could hug away that damn vertigo. I only want you to be dizzy from me driving you nuts with laughter when I make it to Seattle.

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    1. Yes, I’ve had better times. So has my dad. Eventually, things will work out…but right now is pretty damn rough. Thank you for the love and thoughts, appreciate them ❀

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