On Your Wings

I do not have the strength
I need an arm, a hand
for I am feeling faint
vertigo’s selfish plan

May I lie on you…
lean on you, curl up
hold me near and true
until my shudders stop

My angel, wings of white
I am in need of you tonight
your warmth at my side
your peaceful glow in sight

Let me book a flight
on your wings I’ll fly
higher than this dark
into blue skies’ light

Lighter than this weight
the burdens of my now
where heart pains stop
and smiles start to grow

Sorrow could have no chance
for wind would blow past
only joy at holding on
soaring along free and fast

Safe on your back
secure in your hope
I know it will be okay
no fear where we go

The view would reveal
that future will be better
that now is only now
that a happy tomorrow

is a just few
tomorrows away

…on your wings

~ Emily Clapper



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