Three Little Birds

It took all my strength to roll off the couch and record this one today, but I needed another cheer-me-up song and this is the one that came to mind.

Didn’t have enough strength to perfect this one, so this is done in one take, basically sight-playing. But, the bonus is the double cameo of my favorite fan, Cotton. You can probably hear me laughing at her part way in.

Hope you enjoy.

And for those of you following my situation, you can read below.


As for my situation…it’s very slow going and still pretty rough. I thought I was getting through my original vertigo stuff at the beginning of the week, only to get socked with the news about my dad in the hospital and it sent all my symptoms skyrocketing and more. You know what’s great for weight loss? Apparently, stress and anxiety. 😉 Normally, I’m capable of handling a ton of crap before I feel any anxiety, I so rarely do.  But, this time, because it’s my dad, on top of my own health stuff, I think it was just too much.  I asked for temporary blood pressure meds (trust me, I’d rather avoid meds altogether, so it has to be rough for me to ask) to see about controlling this so I can get back to normal soon. It remains to be seen if they are helping or hurting.

My father ended up being readmitted last Thursday for cellulitis, an infection from a bumped toe that entered blood stream causing sepsis, which is likely the cause of his stroke-like symptoms. So it wasn’t stroke, and it wasn’t the high blood pressure, although they are treating that, too. It was a bumped toe. Being diabetic puts him at risk for such issues with his feet.

The kicker, while they were running tests, the found 2 masses on his right kidney that need to be removed. So far, they don’t seem to have spread, but they will have to come out when he gets home to Seattle.  He was released today to finish his antibiotic course in pill form and will fly home tomorrow.

So, while it all sucks, the irony is that had he not been admitted for cellulitis, they wouldn’t have caught the masses on his kidney and we wouldn’t have known.  Who knows when they may have been caught.  They could have spread for more years. Now it can be dealt with. I’m trying to see the positive anywhere I can.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to destress as much as possible, and it’s hard when my body is all haywire to stay calm when I feel like passing out. But, that’s the last thing I need. I am supposed to see my doc tomorrow, although that in itself feels like more stress. Ha.

I miss you all, I miss writing regularly. But, I plan to get through this in time.  One day at a time.  I never give up.



21 thoughts on “Three Little Birds

  1. What a wondrous thing the harmonium is! And you sing very nicely too. Oh, and kitty cats. I like them a whole lot too! (I’ll keep my fingers crossed for yours and your father’s recovery too, Em.)

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  2. What a perfect song choice!
    You’ve really cemented yourself in my thoughts being a truly wonderful person. I just hope all the pains leave you alone, no one deserves them but no one more than you. ❤

    btw cotton is an adorable name. I think you’re going to have a problem when she doesn’t make a cameo and people start complaining.

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  3. Emily you seem like you are strong woman. I’m grateful for you and your father that they found the masses on his kidneys and they are removable by surgery straight a way. No having to go through other awful treatments first. I hope you find some peace and rest. 🙏🏻

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