Body lit up white-flame fire
heat rises off melting floor
every vein charged electric
shooting your drug to my bursting core
palpitating pulsating pounding a beat
swelling to elevating heights
above where prying eyes can see
leaving earth out of drifting sight
throwing my flushed head back
filling lungs with your sacred scent
seeing nothing truly exists except

this one, sweet, orgasmic moment

of pure pleasure
the merging of us
your energy sending
me through the multiverse
riding gravitational waves
to worlds unknown
to lightyears far beyond
what’s been written in tomes
past and future colliding
no sense of time
savoring here

the sublime


“Burst” ~ AUDIO voice recording on Soundcloud!


~ by Emily Clapper



Dragon Domain

Pelting rain
fierce unrelenting winds
jagged mountain range peaks
carving out the sky sliced through
clouds above roiling in the stew
a mix of green gray blue
electric lightning, too
ominous omens
power of Zeus speaks
for us to listen on this path
our meekness melts in the pelts
exposing our strength through the weak
bones poking out, our muscles deplete
from weeks of traversing curves
and heights, feet bandaged
gauze breakdown
but on we must
we carry this egg, its speckled shell
our goal to deliver to the cave on the hill
the sling we made, we share the burden
traipsing through all manners
of terrain for the cause
for the birth
of this land’s protector
must be assured, the mother dragon awaits
its young returned, taken back from thieves
for their own glory, to use for war
little did they know our fight
would tear them down
in the dark night

Spying our x-marks the spot
we gently unroll the egg toward her nest
giant eyes alight at the sight of her baby back
and her beak, it did tap that shell until subtle crack
with a poke and a wiggle, out he came
scales of iridescent blues, purples
shimmering in dim dusk light
and a stretch of the wings
set him off into flight

over his domain

dragon sight


the night


~ Emily Clapper



This was a poem request from Taruna at Rhythm and the Dancer for “dragon” during my last open topic request session. She was inspired by my poem on castles “Moors & Moats.” It got lost in the shuffle, so I wanted to get it done for her now. 🙂 I love fantasy, and I wanted to write a mini-story.  I hope you like it, Taruna!

Check out her page for her amazing talent. 🙂




Got this handy little alert yesterday announcing I’d reached 500 posts since the end of February here on WordPress…roughly in the space of 5 months.  Honestly, it shocked me.  I had no clue I’d written that much. Of course, a small percentage of those are harmonium or other personal entries, but the majority are poems.

So yeah. That’s a lot, especially considering I had maybe a dozen poems written in my life that I actually kept, and had only decided to store on WP with little to no expectation of anything coming of it.

Now look what you guys did.

For real, thanks for the support that helps keep me going, even if right now I’m fighting some personal stuff that’s keeping me less productive. I’ll get back in here more regularly when I’m healed.

Or sooner, if possible.

Much love to all.

Namaste, Em



Pixie Dust

where is my mind?
it dives and winds
around thoughts clear
of images near me
of you and I
once upon a time
in Neverlands afar
with Peter Pan’s star
above our heads
flying, pixie dusted
to hidden realms
of joy and sounds
of laughter ricocheting
coves and caverns, playing
like eternal youth
smiles so unearthly large
they inhale the stars
that twinkle stories
in our hearts’ quarries
of diamond love
unbreakable us
in untraceable land
no one can find
our private hiding
spot, we will spy
the next adventure
our souls are sure
to forever stay
in land far away
un-aged in ways
we cannot say
for if you find out
the magic of it

our world

will cease

to exist

~ Emily Clapper