Got this handy little alert yesterday announcing I’d reached 500 posts since the end of February here on WordPress…roughly in the space of 5 months.  Honestly, it shocked me.  I had no clue I’d written that much. Of course, a small percentage of those are harmonium or other personal entries, but the majority are poems.

So yeah. That’s a lot, especially considering I had maybe a dozen poems written in my life that I actually kept, and had only decided to store on WP with little to no expectation of anything coming of it.

Now look what you guys did.

For real, thanks for the support that helps keep me going, even if right now I’m fighting some personal stuff that’s keeping me less productive. I’ll get back in here more regularly when I’m healed.

Or sooner, if possible.

Much love to all.

Namaste, Em




33 thoughts on “Hundreds

    1. Thanks, Stuart! All in time. For every fire there is a smolder and I’ve had to breathe the a little through some current health stuff. But, feel free to rummage through my selection, I’d love your thoughts. And when my health permits more reading I’ll be sure to check out more of yours! 🙏🏼😊

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      1. I have no desire to see NY, LA, DC or any of the usual spots in the US. Seattle however has always intrigued me. It’s probably 30% the weather and 70% because of the TV show Frasier.

        And if you ever do make it over here, I hope you have a wonderful time.

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      2. Haha, Frasier was a hilarious show. 😊 Of course, there’s a lot that it doesn’t show about the city. Email me at and I’ll send some more recent pics of Seattle your way. It’s a gorgeous natural city… And I’m sure I will love England once I get over there! I’ll be sure to ask your advice. 😉🙏🏼

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      3. No problem. Many would suggest the tourist areas in England. I would however advocate some of the more rural woodland or country areas. But that’s me, I like peace and tranquility over traffic and masses of people.

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