Pixie Dust

where is my mind?
it dives and winds
around thoughts clear
of images near me
of you and I
once upon a time
in Neverlands afar
with Peter Pan’s star
above our heads
flying, pixie dusted
to hidden realms
of joy and sounds
of laughter ricocheting
coves and caverns, playing
like eternal youth
smiles so unearthly large
they inhale the stars
that twinkle stories
in our hearts’ quarries
of diamond love
unbreakable us
in untraceable land
no one can find
our private hiding
spot, we will spy
the next adventure
our souls are sure
to forever stay
in land far away
un-aged in ways
we cannot say
for if you find out
the magic of it

our world

will cease

to exist

~ Emily Clapper




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