speaking, licking
standing at shoreline
smiling serenely
at you, your laugh, mine
feet tickling sands’ tune
I was saying something
and then suddenly,

I was not

your hand stopped
me, spinning me near
planted one deep
shut me up clear
there was no question
our meeting here
our two galaxies
colliding in one
beginning with tongues
tasting delving 
with tender sweeps
inhaling my needs

all fears recede

atoms merging
magnetic connection
inner universes’ align
lost sense of time
all existence existed
all moments in one


in one 



and you…

caught me

~ Emily Clapper



42 thoughts on “Caught

      1. Not through it yet. Pretty day by day still. Very sporadic here, trying for a little here and there, but will for sure catch up when my vertigo brain allows. ❤

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      2. My brain is super sensitive to any kind of stimulation right now, but I am trying very slow and gentle yoga in the evenings. 🙂 Thankfully, as a yoga instructor I have the instinct. Sorry you get migraines! Have you had them checked out?

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