She wasn’t your typical girl,
her spirit unchained…
he followed her
believing she knew the way

What he didn’t know
was she had no map
instinct, her guide
yet he trusted every step

And somehow
she brought him there
to lands unseen
worlds beyond despair

No doubt between
his heart and hers
just understanding
that only now matters

A free spirit unfettered
by expectations
that caged the rest

…but he knew better

than to not follow

when she walked past

~ Emily Clapper, 7.27.16


27 thoughts on “Instinct

  1. Where is this woman, she sounds perfect 😄 What a lovely journey this took me on. I really identified with this. It’s funny how you can get me thinking of people I shouldn’t, but sometimes a good poem can remind you that your own feelings are valid and shouldn’t be dismissed even if the person I follow isn’t interested.
    brilliant piece!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If only… I’ll probably get beat up. Ahaha. I do like that your words evoke these feelings. Unrequited or not they’re mine and they are good to have.
        You’ve certainly got a way with words my dear 💜

        Liked by 1 person

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