Sunlit cedar
standing for decades strong
sunset lights your branches
as you overlook ocean far

So steadfast through the storms
so deep your reaching roots
undaunted by treading time
my humble humanity walks by

Lend me your trunk for pause
my strength fades like day
you prop me up when I spin
until I can resume on my way

You may not ever have to walk
you may live in monotony
yet your earthly time surpasses
my relatively short stay

To accept your destiny
your rooting deep in crust
a lesson for my spirit, to accept

sometimes living

is standing still


~ Emily Clapper



12 thoughts on “Still

  1. Such a lovely comparison, too want to be rooted and strong as this old tree. And a wise lesson taught “sometimes living is standing still. ” Yes, unfortunately at times, I it is just waiting to see. John Milton would agree with your thought in his famous poem “On His Blindness” but in a slightl y different way. He writes, ” They also serve who only stand and wait.”

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