That’s it.

No rush.

Easy does it.

Stoke me.

Take your time.

I want to feel it all.

At my pace.

Let me linger.

Under your fingers.

Savor contact.

Stimulate fluidity.

Smooth conductivity.

Charged adrenaline.

Builds like an avalanche.

Flirting with my trigger.

Sliding in deeper.

Let it throb there.

While I dance.

Beneath your weight.

Caught in your net.

I flutter in heat.

Make me wait.

At edge of pleasure.

Teased at the top.

Begging release.

But slow.

Then let go.

Let me go.

Push me there.

Again. Again!

Flood me.

With you.

Lose me.

On you.

Taste me.

On you.

Stay in me.

No rush.

That’s it.




22 thoughts on “Stoke

  1. You’ve really found a great rhythm in this piece. You’ve paced it beautifully and thr words just flow intoxicating the reader. You need to do a reading on this, it would be perfect. A mellifluous voice carrying the those titillating words.

    Liked by 1 person

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