The Last Orchid

Steamy land after tropical rains,
I ventured alone along rocky lava terrain

Giant vines wrapped around trunks of trees,
around themselves, a maze of leaves

Slick with shine and shrinking my size,
they creaked in the wind from northerly skies

Leading my way among jungle thick,
so far I’ve come, so far to go to find you still

Lightening my load along the way,
I strip my jacket, my clothes, my hat, my bag

Never stopping all the while,
constant driven motion, no checking compass dial

The scent of you heavy in the fruited air,
instinct guiding my heart without care

Only sign of you around is the ocean
calling waves forth from earth’s blue crown

You see, this is where we will meet once more,
in sea, this is where we met before,

Carving path through dense lush green,
light hurried step, I trample orchids unseen,

Glancing back behind my bare shoulder,
naked now, dripping dampness, warmth colder

The jungle, gone, the vines, disintegrated,
the earth, shattered, a void of nothing

Ahead, you…the sea…waiting for me…

…holding one last orchid


~ Emily Clapper


“The Last Orchid” ~ AUDIO voice recording on SoundCloud



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